Old Fashioned and Giving Birth to a Blog


I have always had full faith in the old fashioned way of getting news around. Word Of Mouth. It felt like a natural and effortless way to become such an active part of the Squamish birthing community; through chitty chat;  human contact; eye contact; attending births; holding babies; stories.  I have been in the realm of the birthing world since my son was born in 2005, and have since been working as a doula/advocate/mama supporter ever since in Squamish and the Netherlands… and avoiding technology to ‘get me out there.’ I rarely put the business cards out to represent myself, ( which have scratched out and replaced telephone numbers) and have always been pleasantly surprised that expecting mothers still manage to find me. I have been asked, however, numerous times to get out of the stone ages, and to get my act together.

I finally decided I was ready to give birth. Birth to a blog. So, I sat down, put my fingers to this keyboard, and watched, amazed at how these things are formed.

I have to give half the credit to my husband Pascal though. He fertilized this site, so to speak. His magical clickety click made it all happen. He said I am responsible for the rest of the upbringing, so I am trying to learn as quickly as I can. It’s like becoming a parent for the first time. So much to learn!!

Truth be told, computers don’t like me – or perhaps I am slightly intimidated by them. Maybe my procrastination comes down to pure laziness to organize myself enough to create something presentable. I’ve also thought of the work, the frustration, the commitment, the unknown judgement of anonymous readers, and wait… the beauty, the sharing, the positive feedback and help that this ‘open mind bla bla bla’ can give me.

I hope this space will be a comfortable, and exciting place for you – the reader – to explore. I have a feeling that I will have to do a hefty bit of exploring in long lost corners of my mind. It feels so very adventurous and freeing. Who knows what will come out of it all! I will share my juicy thoughts on pregnancy, birth, parenting, relationships, outrageousness, small insignificant daily inspirations, poor as church mice living tips, and far fetched romantic dreams. Let no topic be a taboo topic.

I will also post beautiful birth stories that women have written and sent in to me. If you have a wonderful message, words of encouragement, or a birth or parenting story that you would like to share, I would be pleased to pass your good word along. Word Of Mouth… the new age way.


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