The Maidens, Mothers, and Crones


I had to laugh when I was pinning up a poster at a local coffee shop for a pregnancy retreat I am co-organizing with Christina Bergin. A few pregnant women at the cafe enthusiastically came to ask a few questions about it. The young man who was making my chai latte asked what the poster was about, and when I told him about the wonderful pregnancy retreat, he said “oh, that sounds like a man’s worst nightmare to show up there.” He mentioned the over abundance of pregnant hormones that would be surging in a room full of expecting women, and how it utterly terrified him. As he ranted on about his fear of women’s mood swings, the three women and their blossoming bellies started to advance on him to make their order (or to give him a piece of their pregnant minds). His eyes widened, and his mouth fell open, and then quickly and quietly snapped shut. I couldn’t stop chuckling.

There is something magical that happens in a room full of women. In this day and age, and with our busy schedules and obligations, I wonder how many of us take the time to connect, support and learn from the sisterhood of maidens, mothers and crones.


I clearly remember gathering with a few pregnant women over nine years ago. With no men listening in on us, we quickly opened up. It was so refreshing to talk freely about the little nitty gritty details about pregnancy, sex, hemorrhoids, birth, and our hopes and our fears. It felt safe and supportive, and I didn’t feel alone as we were all in it together.

It is nourishing for me to be co-organizing another Squamish Pregnancy Retreat and I look forward to listening and sharing, and for being the voice of a seasoned mother and a wise old crone.


If you are a woman, and have a baby growing within you, imagine this:

A day for for you – the expecting woman – to celebrate your pregnancy with others who are on the same journey. Prenatal yoga, an open birth talk with midwife Beth Ebers, Cranial Sacral therapy, acupuncture, Rebozo massage, guided birth visualization and meditation are just some of the things that will be included in your day. The food, of course, is local, vegetarian, gluten free, and absolutely scrumptious and the pristine setting at the Sunwolf makes for a perfect place to get-away-from-it-all. You will meet amazing women practitioners who have an innate trust in birth, and who will share their wisdom. This is a day for you to learn invaluable birthing skills, to open up, to let go of your fears, to inspire others, to connect with your baby, yourself, and to other kindred spirit women. A day you will not forget.


If you are a man, and thinking of your pregnant partner, imagine this:

The woman you love, who is going through so much physical, emotional, and hormonal change, will come home after this retreat renewed, empowered, pampered and rested. She will thank you for gifting this retreat to her.


I wish the young man at the coffee shop (or any man for that matter) could have the opportunity to be an invisible fly on the wall at our pregnancy retreat. He would surely fly out of there forever changed and be called by women thereafter, a “wise man.”

If you are interested in registering for this retreat, please click on here . Book now as Early Bird Rates end on May 20th.

Kaz – Squamish Doula

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