Kirsten’s Birth Story of Otto

Written by Kirsten By 2AM, a very strong contraction made the uncertainty before me seem insurmountable alone. My doula came quickly. I was gripping the tub, on hands and knees, on the toilet bracing myself as I went increasingly inward. She said, let it be intense and I did. On my hands and knees I laboured […]

The Birth of Mirai

Mirai’s Birth Story By Miwa Hiroe There are many times when a practical state of mind dullened the thrill of anticipation, but the last stage of pregnancy was like medicine for complacency. All that magic of waiting for a birthday that had become crusty and discardable was brilliantly revived in the weeks before Mirai’s birth. […]

Ash’s birth story

Written by: Ash The night before hard labour began, I experienced waves of mild lower uterine cramping & back pain; manageable, but pronounced enough to wake me up from time to time. By late morning the next day, slight cramping continued. I noticed discharge; the mucus plug coming out, perhaps? I texted Kaz; she confirmed […]

Dear Kaz: Practice What You Preach

I can hear my voice echoing over and over in my ear. I am always telling women who have just given birth to rest, to let others treat you like a queen, to not be afraid to ask for help, to be ok with laying low and not overbooking themselves. I send them this blog […]

The Maidens, Mothers, and Crones

I had to laugh when I was pinning up a poster at a local coffee shop for a pregnancy retreat I am co-organizing with Christina Bergin. A few pregnant women at the cafe enthusiastically came to ask a few questions about it. The young man who was making my chai latte asked what the poster […]

The Easter Hunt

I grew up on a little farm, on the outskirts of a small village in the Rocky Mountains with my parents, two sisters and little brother. Spring was such a relief after a long cold winter. Although beautiful, I never regretted saying adios to the blanket of snow. The chickadees marked the near end of […]

Adventures of Ups and Down’s

If a challenging quest is proposed to me, I usually embrace it. It’s especially appealing if it is full of unknown undertakings, guaranteed chaos, and involves terrain that most people would avoid at all cost. I believe that if I have the courage to say yes to unpredictable adventure, I will be given the strength […]

The Birth of Barrett

I woke up in the morning and right away noticed some stronger contractions. I didn’t think I was actually going into labour, but thought I should have a good breakfast just in case it was later that day. The contractions were coming on every 3-5 minutes and made me stop and breathe through them.

Emi’s Birth Story

My name is Emi. I am an immigrant from Japan. When I gave birth for the first time, I was 40 years old. It was biggest challenge of my life … I mean the “birth” part. My feelings were a mix of hope and fear. I read so many books and tried to get ready for the birth, but when the time had come, all my knowledge was gone. I needed someone to hold my hand and support me with love.