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Birth Doula Services

I support women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Find out more...

Workshops and Retreats

I organize a variety of workshops and retreats for women and pregnant couples. Find out more...

Extended Postpartum Care

For those in need of a little extra support during the transition period into parenthood, I offer extended postpartum care. Find out more...

What they say…

I will be forever grateful for Kaz’s calm, nurturing and intuitive presence. She created such a loving and joyful birthing energy the day our son was born. She is wise beyond her years and has a great wealth of experience. Her guidance, support and genuine care at the birth as well as during our pre and postnatal visits were appreciated greatly and served as invaluable experiences and learning opportunities that will last a lifetime. Read the birth of Barrett

As a labour and delivery nurse, I had the privilege of working with Kazuko at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminister. I was amazed by her sincere compassion towards my patient who had some mental and physical disabilities. It goes without saying that Kazuko left a lasting impression on me. She is an unbelievably selfless person whose character is demonstrated by her ability to offer love, friendship, support and dignity to those in need.

Kaz! Words alone cannot express our gratitude for your presence at our birth! We’ve been in post birth bliss today with a happy, sleepy, hungry baby and we’re just chatting about how fortunate we felt having you on our team! You absolutely rock at your job and your passion, attention to detail, thoughtfulness and generosity will be remembered by us for always. We’ve already highly recommended you to our friends who are expecting in June and anyone else we know in the future who’s expecting will also receive the same recommendation by us. You helped make my dream birth come true and for that I will forever be grateful!!! You are a true Earth Angel!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Xoxo Christa, Jason, Breeze and Luka

Without Kaz’s guidance throughout pregnancy AND birth, I think I would have
been ill-prepared in both medical knowledge and emotional self-knowledge. Certainly, myself
AND my husband would have had less emotional support to get me through the labour. It’s that
consistent support and sense of trust and advocacy that, in our opinion, makes a doula an
indispensable member of a birthing team. We couldn’t be happier with Kaz’s warmth, wisdom,
and guidance, which made it possible for our daughter to be transitioned into this world in the
gentle and joyous way that she was. Read Ashley’s birth story


Kazuko Hiroe


Please call me Kaz. I am a doula located in Squamish B.C, and serving birthing women and their families in the Sea to Sky corridor and the greater Vancouver area: in the home, or hospital setting.

It is you – the birthing mother – who inspires me the most. I am honoured to be the woman who listens, and shares knowledge with you; who trusts in your intuition and believes in your body; who supports, massages, and breathes with you; who advocates for you; who silently fills your birth tub, takes precious pictures, prepares your food, and cleans your space; who witnesses that unforgettable moment when you see and hold your baby for the first time.

After the birth of my first child in 2005, I immersed myself in the study of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. My concern for the lack of maternity care options in the Sea to Sky corridor motivated me to spearhead a campaign, in 2008, called Squamish Midwives Now.

Midwifery services in Squamish became a reality in 2010.

I have shadowed midwives, birth attendants, and doctors in Canada and the Netherlands, and have attended courses and workshops with birth gurus such as Ina May Gaskin, Barbara Harper, Gloria Lemay, and Debra Pascali Bonaro. While in the Netherlands, I learned the art of placenta encapsulation and the use of herbs during childbirth.

When I am not doulaing, I am: biking, running, teaching acroyoga, studying and mothering. My husband and sons, Kai (11) and Nash (9), who has Down’s Syndrome, keep everyday fresh, beautiful, and wildly epic! I feel blessed to be able to pursue the things I feel so passionate about.

Childbirth is a challenging, sacred, and transformational event that will surely change life as you know it forever. I look forward to walking with you down this path, one of life’s greatest adventures.